The Kind Gel Cleanser

April 24, 2014 -
Gel cleanser have a bit of a no-no reputation in the beauty world. It's probably due to the fact that for many gel cleanser = foaming = bad. But that's not always the case and I'm here to tell you about one of those, rare, but wonderful exceptions.

The thing is, foaming cleansers aren't the best for your skin as they tend to dry them out and can worsen acne. I've actually come across one slightly foaming cleanser that seems to be an exception to that, and I've written a little somethin' about it here. However, if you're like me, you want to use something lighter in the morning than a balm cleanser, a non foaming gel cleanser can be a great option. Say hello to Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser, a gel cleanser that doesn't foam in the slightest. 

I love Alpha-H, they make products for people who suffer from acne, and they make them well. I especially love Liquid Gold, which I've written an ode to. But this cleanser is also good. It's light, smells fresh and cleans well without drying your skin out. It also contains aloe vera, cucumber and thyme. Thyme oil has actually been used as a antibacterial solution for centuries, and there have been studies that show that it might be beneficial from acne. Good right?

I don't know all that, but what I do know is that on days when my skin is feeling slightly dry and I don't want anything heavy, this is what I reach for. And that has to be a good sign...
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Konjak Sponge: Not Impressed

April 23, 2014 -
As you all should know by now, I'm deeply into my skincare. After a horrible stress-related breakout a year and a half ago, I turned to skincare and it luckily saved me. In fact, my skin is getting steadily better each day and breakouts are now few and far appart. So, with this in mind, and my willingness to try anything new, I gave the new Konjac Sponge fad a go.

I shall admit that the name gives associations to something far more pleasant (we do in fact write cognac as konjakk here in Norway), than rubbing a sponge around my face. The title says it all really, but I'll say it again, I'm not impressed. I've had it for over two weeks now and really it feels like it does nothing. I shall admit, I'm biased when it comes to sponges, not really a fan since they are difficult to clean and tend to be perfect growing habitats for bacteria. If you have acne, you don't want to add bacteria to your face.

I also do not get how this is supposed to clean anything other that something water soluble. Supposedly it's supposed to work fine without cleanser, but I think that it utter bullocks. This sponge feels a little plasticy and I doubt it has the ability to dissolve anything. At least by adding a cleanser you can use it to dislodge all the grime and dirt. But then again I only used to remove the cleanser and it felt like nothing. It was like using my good old flannels without the benefit of exfoliation they provide. I can also use a new one everyday with those. No, konjak sponge, not for me.

I'll stick to my flannels thank you very much.
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My Perfect Candle

April 22, 2014 -
I'm more than a little candle obsessed, something that seems to be a very typical beauty blogger thing. It's a very common occurrence for me to be drifting around smelling every scented candle in sight, though luckily I'm quite picky so I don't tend to buy all that many. However, might just have stumbled upon the ultimate candle.
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Doing the One Shade Up, One Shade Down Thing

April 21, 2014 -
Finding a foundation match is not always easy. It's even harder when the foundation in question is of the drugstore variety. So what does one do when the foundation you want doesn't have a exact match?
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How to Achieve Silky Summer Legs

April 20, 2014 -
Summer is making it's way towards us, so it's almost time to whip out your legs. Now, if you're like me and and have been hibernating all through winter, it's time to do some serious leg work. Luckily for you, I have a little guide for how to achieve legs as smooth as angel wings. But we warned, this is not for those of you who are easily grossed out.
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The Week #16

April 19, 2014 -
Happy easter! Have I said that before? Oh, well, another week gone by, this time I've been spending it with my parents, which is nice. I will honestly admit that most of it's been spent lounging around and reading a little, so I haven't been miss productivity. But let's take a look at the week behind the scenes shall we?
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The New Bag

April 18, 2014 -
Like most people I'm a sucker for a good sale. It seems like it's in my nature to be unable to stop myself when I see those red price tags. So what's my latest purchase I imagine you ask? How about yet another black bag... As if I simply didn't have enough of those already. 

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Nouvelle Vague

April 17, 2014 -
Lately I've been really feeling the lilacs. I've never been one for purple nail polish, but the grey lilacs have converted me. So, it really wasn't all that surprising when I picked up L'Oreal Le Vernis 'Nouvelle Vague' a gorgeous light pastel lilac. I did have a sneaking suspicion that it might not look as good on the nails, but as a matter of fact, it did. 

The shade is part of the new L'Oreal spring collection, along with a pastel pistachio, a pastel yellow and a pastel pink. Of the collection I only picked up two shades, Nouvelle Vague and Lemon Meringue the pastel yellow. Both shades are heavily white based, which really ads to the spring feel. They are also quite opaque, needing only two coats, and they go on smoothly. Always a bonus that. Another thing I love about the L'Oreal nail polishes is the little dinky bottle, the fair price and the wide brush that makes application a breeze. 

These polishes are out now, but they have received a fair share of coverage in the blogosphere, so they might be hard to find. In the store I picked these up there was only one left of each shade.

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The Fallen Back In Love With

April 16, 2014 -
A little over a year ago I picked up the much hyped Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins after hearing rave after rave. And though I tried to like, tried damn hard in fact, I ended up concluding this wasn't for me. At the time I also had a sneaking suspicion that it was breaking me out. So, like the hoarder I am, I didn't toss it out, but rather put in a basket never to be seen again, until I dug it up recently.

I had encountered a slight problem you see. My regular go to moisturiser, my much beloved Nourish Argan Skin Renew, that I've written ode to here, had run out and I had foolishly forgotten to restock. So in desperate need I dug up this little brown pot to give my skin some much needed nightly nourishment. Aren't I the daredevil? Yes, it was with great trepidation that I smeared it onto my face and I half expected to wake up with some sort of hellish pimple ridden face the next day. But no, nothing of the sort happend. So I've been using this again almost every night for a month now, and my face is looking nice. I'm actually having a great skin period, though I'm not sure as to why. 

The moral of this tale? There is non I guess, just that for me, giving this another go has converted me. How very strange...
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Oribe in Norway

April 15, 2014 -
Here's another one for my Norwegian readers: ladies and gentlemen, we can now get our hands on Oribe in Norway. Let's have a cheer, ey? No kidding, I was one happy lady when I discovered I could finally, finally, get my hands on Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray here on our own shores. Due to postal restrictions pressurised cans can't be shipped and in that effect making it bloody difficult to get your hands on the stuff.... But now it's here!

Can you tell I'm excited? Well, as you can probably tell I picked up the mini bottle of the Dry Texturizing Spray because I wanted to try it, and because the large bottle is rather expensive. Mind numbingly so... 

But what's the verdict on the little buddy? As it happens I've only tried it once as of yet, so it might be a little early for a full depth review, but as far as I can tell, this is some amazing shit. It gives my straight mess of a hair something that resembles volume and texture, both without feeling like I have something in it. I hate the feeling of hair "stuff" in my hair... Remember those volume powders? Yeah, I hate those. But this just feels like nothing, yet makes my hair look almost amazing. It might just be love, and while my bank account will weep, I think I actually have to pick up a large bottle of the stuff...
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